Digital Repose Links

Shifted Reality - The art of Juergen Eilts. He has a nack for creating beautiful scenery.

Moodflow - The artwork of Jeff. He has some purely spectacular work.

OmniTek Designs - The art of Dave Yeakal. Some very cool wallpapers available here.

xFinity7 - The art of Linda, also a nice site with some great wallpapers.

Nightscape Creations - A very clean site design with original content by artist Nicholas Bostaph.

Acidic Designs - A great site with artwork from the three artists Joshua Auld, Ken Smith and Justyn Smith.

3D Artists - A very informative site with some great links to some of the top animators and modelers.

BluFyre Media & Web Development - An amazing web design & development company with lots of talent.

My Solar System - The place to satisfy your curiosity about our solar system

Other Links
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